Fire Damage Restoration Tacoma and Surrounding

A fire in your home or business can be one of the most traumatic experiences one could face. If you’ve experienced fire damage, no matter how major or minor, our team is here to assist in bringing your space back to pre-loss condition!

Fire damage to your home can be a nightmare for a family. Our team at All American Restoration Services (AARES) is here to help ensure that the repair process doesn’t extend that horror any longer than necessary. Smoke and soot resulting from fire damage to your home in Tacoma can cause extensive interruption to your family. Our staff of construction professionals has the skill set to help you repair your home and/or business and the experience to assist you with navigating the insurance claims process.


Common causes of fire damage in homes:


According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), the most common causes of household fires include cooking, heating, electrical, smoking and candles.

Fire damage caused by cooking

  • Cooking equipment caused 49% of reported home fires.

  • Ranges or cooktops account for almost two-thirds (62%) of home cooking fire incidents.

  • Unattended equipment is a factor in one-third (31%) of reported home cooking fires.


Fire damage caused by heating

  • Heating equipment caused 15% of reported home fires.

  • 27% of home heating fires were due to failure to clean chimneys.

  • The leading factor contributing to ignition for home heating fire was heating equipment too close to things that can burn, such as upholstered furniture, clothing, mattress, or bedding.


Fire damage caused by electrical

  • The leading areas of origin for electrical distribution and lighting fires are the bedroom (17%), attic (12%), and wall assembly (9%).

  • 35,100 reported home structure fires, on average, per year.


Fire damage caused by smoking

  • Smoking materials, including cigarettes, pipes, and cigars, started an estimated 17,200 home structure fires.

  • Smoking materials caused 5% of reported home fires and 6% of the direct property damage.


Fire damage cause by candles

  • United States fire departments responded to an estimated 7,900 home structure fires that are started by candles per year.

  • These fires caused an annual average of $268 million in direct property damage.

Home fire damage prevention tips:


Fire Prevention Tip: If a fire starts in your Pierce County home or business from grease, DO NOT attempt to put it out with water.


Fire Rescue 1 shares these tips for extinguishing a grease fire starts:

  1. Cover the flames with a metal lid or cookie sheet.

  2. Turn off the heat source.

  3. If it's small and manageable, pour baking soda or salt on it to smother the fire.

  4. As a last resort, spray the fire with a Class B dry chemical fire extinguisher.

  5. Do not try to extinguish the fire with water.


Fire damage to your home in Tacoma can be complex as there are many additional factors related to fire that don’t occur in other property losses such as water damage, you can read more about water damage HERE. These factors include:

  • Fire damage to structures can also cause extensive smoke and odor damage throughout your home or business. Hiring the right contractor to assist you with identifying the extent of the damages so that a thorough plan can be designed for your needs to ensure that you don’t have ongoing odor issues.

  • In addition to the damage to the physical structure, smoke will often affect the contents throughout the home or business. This can include soft goods such as clothing, linens and furniture as well as hard surface items such as utensils, cabinets and electronics. You will want to collaborate with a local contractor who has a network of specialists that they can assemble to assist you with assessment, inventory, cleaning strategies and restoration of your personal or business contents is an important piece of the puzzle.

  • Fire typically causes structural damage which can include framing, load bearing walls and roofing trusses. It is important to team yourself with the right contractor to ensure these critical items are addressed and the full extent of damages are remediated to restore your home or business to pre-loss conditions.

Fire damage response in your home:


Immediately after the fire has been put out by a local fire department, the next step is to secure your home or business so that you don’t have to worry about unwanted entry. Our team at All American Restoration Services can assist you to secure your Pierce County property by boarding up damaged windows, doors, siding and/or roofing.


The fire department will typically conduct an investigation to determine if they believe there is a chance that criminal activity was involved in the origin of the fire. What many Tacoma home and business owners don’t know is that even if the fire department does not suspect foul play, the insurance company will want to conduct their own investigation. Be careful that you or any contractor attempting to assist you with the loss doesn’t rush into critical areas. It is important not to disturb the area believed to be the origin of the fire as well as any electrical components or systems that may have been related to ignition.


It is commonly believed that only homeowners with "really old" homes (older than 1980) have to be concerned about testing for lead and/or asbestos. In most areas the rules and regulations are getting stricter and a good restoration contractor will communicate those issues to you. As a homeowner you have some liability exposure so it will benefit you to ask questions about these items and educate yourself on what the right fire damage restoration process should look like.

Fire damage prevention tips for home owners:
  • Inspect and annually clean chimneys

  • Do not leave cooking food or candles unattended

  • Discuss fire prevention with your family and employees

  • Place fire extinguishers in your home and/or business and inspect annually

  • Have your heating and electrical systems inspected

Fire Damage Services WE PROVIDE:
  • Emergency board up services

  • Smoke and odor removal

  • Repairs to fire damaged homes and businesses

  • Drywall patching and texture repairs

  • Replacement of fire damaged flooring

  • Interior and exterior painting

  • Insurance claim damage repairs

  • Structural repairs after electrical fire

  • Kitchen remodeling after cooking fire


Fire damage and insurance repair services:


Our teams are ready to assist you to put your home or business in Pierce County back together following fire damage. We have successfully completed fire damage repairs in multiple homes and businesses from Tacoma and beyond. All American Restoration Services can assist you to provide an estimate for fire damage repairs and is experienced working with multiple insurance carriers on repair claims. Our clients benefit from our process of consistent communication and our team’s commitment to the highest standards of construction quality.


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