DocuSketch for insurance claims

One of the greatest minds in business innovation, sales, customer service, and organizational development, Michael Scott, of Scranton based paper supplier Dunder Mifflin, shared this prescient thought, "We can't overestimate the value of computers. Yes, they are great for playing games and forwarding funny emails. But real business is done on paper, okay? Write that down." While we respect Mr. Scott's successful career and humbly receive his input, at All American Restoration Services (AARES) we are always looking for meaningful innovation as we help clients work through the insurance claims process.

DocuSketch for insurance claims assessments

We have been incorporating the Docusketch 360 degree documentation into the majority of Tacoma based water and fire damage repairs assessments. This tool helps us to capture more details on our initial walk through a damaged property and provides all parties involved with the insurance claim access to a virtual tour of the project. Using this tool we can produce a detailed diagram of your residence that enables us to create a thorough Xactimate estimate to present to the insurance company.

DocuSketch for insurance claims estimates

The insurance claims process and estimate is enhanced by these details, helping everyone to understand the story of your loss so that we can agree to an appropriate scope of work that will restore your home to pre-loss conditions. After discussing this innovative tool with insurance claim and property restoration professionals, we decided that DocuSketch was the right tool to help us provide another level of service to our clients as we work through the claims process.

DocuSketch for insurance claims repairs

If you have experienced a water or fire damage in Pierce County, or beyond, we would like to assist you with navigating the next steps to restoring your home. Using DocuSketch we can capture details on the front end, during production as well as for the finished product. At AARES we are committed to being as transparent as possible and communicating in real time with our clients. When technology, such as Docusketch, help us to elevate our services as well as expedite our process, we believe that is a win-win for all parties in an insurance claim. We work with you and your carrier to create an estimate in Xactimate which is widely used by most insurance companies and also expedites the process of transitioning from scope to production.

DocuSketch for Tacoma insurance claims

So, if you are looking for a Tacoma based contractor who can help you with water or fire damage repairs, our operators are standing by. As Michael Scott says, "Write that down." At All American Restoration Services we would be honored to assist you through the insurance claims process. To borrow another quip from "the world's best boss", we believe that, "Business is always personal. Its the most personal thing in the world." This is especially true when you and your family have had your home impacted by disaster.

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