Insurance claims estimates

Any contractor providing services for insurance claims repairs has a responsibility to present an estimate for the damages that they have observed at the site and communicate those to you and your insurance carrier. As we outline in our Next Steps section for insurance claims in Tacoma, once the mitigation (aka dry out) of the structure has been completed it is time to start the repairs process to restore your home to pre-loss conditions.

Why are insurance claims estimates different?

At AARES we take detailed measurements and documentation of the conditions in your home so that we can relay those items effectively to your insurance company as we create our estimate for the scope of work to be done. We work with the insurance industries standardized estimating tool, Xactimate, so that we can communicate efficiently with your adjuster and assist you to get work started as quickly as possible. We also use tools such as DocuSketch to assist us with capturing details and communicating the unique nature of your project with all parities involved in the insurance claims process.

What is a good insurance claims estimate?

Any contractor providing services for insurance claims repairs has a responsibility to present an estimate for the damages that they have observed at the site and communicate those to you and your insurance carrier. As noted, using Xactimate helps us to expedite this process. A good insurance claims estimate will include photos and notes (F9) that support the scope of work being presented in order to restore your structure to pre-loss conditions. The industry follows foundational outlines such as The 10 Commandments of Xactimate Estimating Success created several years ago by the author of Be Intentional: Estimating. Some of which include:

  • Providing an accurate sketch and/or diagram of the structure

  • Supporting extent of damages and scope items with sufficient photographs

  • Communicating clearly and consistently with your adjuster to navigate confirming the approved scope of work

  • Commitment to the trifecta of service, expedience, and accuracy

Insurance claims estimates are detailed

These "commandments" relate to core components of an insurance claims estimate, which in Xactimate are built from an accurate and detailed diagram (aka sketch) of your property. The photographs and supplemental notes (F9 notes) are critical to effectively communicating the unique details of your project that might otherwise be missed. An insurance claims estimate is built line-by-line and it is transparent for all parties. When an Xactimate scope of work is written well, you will know exactly what is being proposed for your loss down to room specific scopes, totals by quantities such as square footage, and additional notes explaining why your contractor believes a line item or labor charge is relevant. For insurance work, the scope of work is the key factor.

All American Restoration insurance claims estimates

  • We take our time to capture the details of your project as well as those aspects of your home that are significant to you.

  • We use the latest tools, such as laser measurements, DocuSketch 360 degree imaging, detailed photographs, etc., to produce an accurate scope.

  • We estimate in the insurance industry standard estimating tool, Xactimate, and work to keep up to date with best practices to expedite estimate composition and the scope clarification review process.

  • We include you in all communication with the insurance company so that you are up to date with all information.

When you choose All American Restoration Services (AARES), you can expect that you and your adjuster will receive a repairs estimate for damages observed at your Pierce County residence. This estimate will include a line by line accounting of the proposed work, format headers to assist with room by room project sequence, detailed photos and F9 notes explaining why we believe a particular line item is necessary to restore your structure to pre loss conditions. We send our estimates in PDF for your convenience as well as ESX which is a format that helps adjusters to expedite their review.

Insurance claims estimates in Tacoma, Washington

As a company proudly rooted in the Grit City (Tacoma), we are invested in our local communities. We have partnered with The DYOJO Podcast to produce a weekly show, South Sound Connection (SCC) LIVE which highlights local entrepreneurs, business, and community leaders who are doing good things throughout the South Sound and beyond. A few things we do to set ourselves apart from the competition include:

  • Most losses will include a link to a Docusketch 360 Tour for your project. This is shared with your adjuster to help them review the damages to your home and expedite the confirmation of approved scope.

  • It is common during an insurance claim that the adjuster will request clarification and/or revision of estimate items, we ask that the adjuster forwards these requests to us by email so that we can respond within 48 hours to most requests.

  • As a client of AARES, we aim for our process to be transparent. We create a custom Slack client channel so that we can keep our team and your updated in real time with access to documents .

We look forward to assisting all parities with returning this structure to pre-loss conditions. Please email/call if there are any questions. If you want to learn more about our company please check out our website – www.allamericanres.com. We pride ourselves in clarity, communication, and quality throughout the restoration process.

Bev C. had this to say about our services, "I am so grateful for the outstanding work afforded me by All American Restoration Services. When I was faced with repairs from a water damage disaster. It's no wonder you were recommended by the water mitigation people."

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