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You’ve filed an insurance claim and are in need of repairs…. now what?

Here’s an overview on our trusted process that will get you’re space back to pre-loss condition as smoothly as possible. 

Step #1: Inspection / Estimate / Scope of Work Approval:
  1. Site inspection and DocuSketch survey of loss area. DocuSketch is a 360-degree camera system that generates an accurate floor plan of each space affected in the home or business. Upon completion of the initial walk-through, the file is uploaded to DocuSketch and the file is returned back to our estimating staff within 1-2 business days. 


  2. Upon receipt of the DocuSketch file, our estimating crew will be commence writing our estimate for repairs in Xactimate; which is the same software platform utilized by your insurance adjuster. In most cases, we are able to generate and provide you with an estimate within 2-3 business days. Xactimate will produce an extremely detailed itemized estimate, broken down by room, trade, etc. 

    TIP #1: 
    If you have a mortgage, there is a high likelihood that the funds for your repairs will need to be processed by your mortgage company. Therefore, we recommend you reach out to them to (1) let the know you have a pending insurance claim and (2) ask what the process is to process the payments? 

    Depending on how your mortgage is written, they may require a 3rd party inspection to be performed throughout the project. It may also affect how much money is released – in some cases, the funds are released 3rds. To keep your project running smoothly and on schedule, active communication on your part with the mortgage company is required. If the mortgage company will only release 1/3 of the money up front, we require a 50% commencement deposit, if you are unable to provide those remaining deposit funds, financing is available.


  3. Once estimate has been written, we will work directly with your insurance adjuster to communicate the scope of work required to restore your home or business back to pre-loss condition. We fight on your behalf to get your like, kind, and quality restoration. 

  4. After discussion with your insurance adjuster, an approved estimate will be finalized. At which time the Actual Cash Value (ACV) of your estimate will be released – typically around 60% of the total project cost. Per the above note regarding your mortgage company, if your mortgage company is listed on the check, you will need to follow the steps required by your lender. 

    TIP #2:
    If you’ve received money for your claim from the insurance company, that’s not everything that they will approve. It’s just the initial payout that they are required to send you, per the department of insurance. Insurance companies are required to remit payment once coverage has been confirmed within 10-days.

Step #2: Pre-Construction:
  1. Once funds are available, our firm will generate a contract and invoice for the required 50% commencement deposit. Upon receipt of the deposit and signed contract, your project will move into our queue. The contract will be signed via DocuSign and the invoice.  

  2. Project start times are dictated on approval of estimate and funds being available. Factors that can delay start times include, but are not limited to mortgage company check processing, client availability, construction drawing and permit application (if applicable), etc. Projects can typically start within 3-5 weeks upon signed contract, receipt of 50% commencement deposit and customer selected materials. Scheduling cannot start until these three (3) items have been completed. 

    TIP #3:
    If you’d like to start sooner, we offer financing so that you can obtain funds quicker than waiting to receive money from mortgage / insurance company.  


  3. Material selection greatly affects your project timeline. Our project management staff and vendors can assist you in selecting materials that are more readily available. However, if you have a specific material in mind, in some cases, those have a longer lead time. If that occurs, the project start time might be delayed. We like to have as little disruption as possible, so if a material selected is further out, we will push out the project. The project should happen in quick succession, scheduling will be subject to all materials being available. 

  4. Your project might require a 3rd party content manipulation firm to be brought in to move / pack-out furniture, personal items, etc. from the work area. If there is a staging area available in the home, we can keep those items onsite. If a staging area is not available, they will store all items off-site in a secure / temperature-controlled facility. These charges will be covered by your insurance company. 

Step #3: Project Management & Close-Out:
  1. Once all selected materials are obtained our project management team will be able to provide you with a tentative project schedule.  Timelines are subject to change and can be affected by economic factors, material shortages, etc.

  2. Access to home is critical in our projects being completed on time. In most cases, we will install a temporary secured lockbox onsite in concealed location. This will allow our project management team, carpenters and hired subcontractors access to the home during normal business hours (8AM – 5PM, Monday – Friday). Throughout the duration of the project, if access is limited by the home / business owner, delays may occur. 

  3. Per our contract, upon reaching 90% completion, we will submit an invoice for 95% of the total project cost. At this point in the project, a representative from our firm will schedule a walk-thru with you to identify any remaining punch-list corrections needing to be addressed. Prior to final billing of the remaining 5% of total cost, we will confirm with you in writing that all items noted have been addressed and project is complete. 

  4. Supplements - in several cases, there will be unknown factors that pop up while the restoration process is occurring. These will be covered by your insurance company, and we will work with them to get those additional funds approved. 

  5. We offer a 12-month workmanship warranty. Product warranties may be longer, based on materials selected and specific manufacturer. 

Recently had a fire, flood or some other form of damage to your home or business? 
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